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Membership & Benefits


SmartMusicSmartMusic is pleased to offer all current NFA members a 15% discount for a one-year subscription to SmartMusic for Students. (Please note: NFA members of all levels are eligible for this discount.) Receive access to SmartMusic’s entire catalog of music for a whole year and use any computer or iPad that has SmartMusic installed.

SmartMusic is the award winning software used by music educators around the world to enhance their programs and dramatically improve their students’ skills. With SmartMusic, student practice is focused because they receive immediate feedback while listening to their performance and seeing the correct and incorrect rhythms and pitches onscreen. It also allows teachers to provide students with the individual instruction and customized feedback needed to get better faster. Students can hear their part in context with SmartMusic’s professional background accompaniment, giving them a pitch and rhythmic reference when practicing at home.

For more information, contact NFA Membership Manager Lilly Mauti at or 312-332-6682.